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European Equality Law Network

European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination

Closing session: Isabelle Chopin on behalf of the European network of legal experts in gender-equality and non-discrimination and Irena Moozova on behalf of the European Commission


Isabelle Chopin, director of the Migration Policy Group and specialist coordinator of the non-discrimination strand of the network, thanked all the experts and speakers and the organisers of the seminar, commending the network on ‘making the invisible visible’. She then gave the floor to Irena Moozova, Director for Equality and Union Citizenship at the European Commission, who looked back at the different workshops and provided some input from the European Commission’s work related to the workshop’s topics.

With regard to the workshop on structural discrimination, she stressed the prominent place this subject occupies in the work of the European Commission and briefly presented the European Commission’s action against structural racism. Commenting on the workshop on indirect discrimination, she once again highlighted the importance of the proposal on strengthening equality bodies and thanked the network for its valuable input. She also reiterated the importance of the workshop on European case law in order to make sense of the essence of cases and how to use them in further practice.

With regard to the workshop on the transposition of the Work-Life Balance Directive, she assured the participants that the European Commission stands ready to launch infringement procedures to ensure that it is satisfactorily transposed in all Member States. Finally, she commended the speakers of the workshop on women in the public sphere for their report in an area where much future action is required.



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