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Workshop – Pay transparency measures to tackle the Gender Pay Gap: Best practices and challenges in Belgium, Denmark and Iceland by Sara Benedí Lahuerta

At this workshop, Sara Benedí Lahuerta, Assistant Professor at the Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin (UCD), presented the results of her research, which were published in the European Equality Law Review (November 2021). 

This article analyses the legislation and experiences of three jurisdictions which already have pay transparency measures in place (Belgium, Denmark and Iceland), with reference to key features of the Recommendation and the Directive Proposal, where relevant. After introducing the EU and national regulatory context, Sara Benedí Lahuerta discussed the best practices and implementation challenges encountered in the selected jurisdictions focusing on four key features of proactive pay transparency measures, i.e. requirements to assess the relative value of work, duties to report and analyse pay data and to take evidence-based action to address pay gaps; the role of worker participation; social partners and collective bargaining and the clash between pay transparency measures and data protection. She concluded by presenting the key takeaways from the comparative analysis of the three countries, e.g. that measures should facilitate comparability inside and outside the organisation, and the importance of a strong enforcement system with dissuasive and proportionate sanctions.



Download the video: MP4 format or WebM format.

Powerpoint Sara Benedí Lahuerta Workshop Pay transparency measures to tackle the Gender Pay Gap (PDF)

European equality law review 1 [2021] (PDF 1.277 kB)

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