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Legal developments

Non equal treatment on the ground of racial or ethnic origin in regard with the reception of social allowances

Prime minister and other prominent politicians conduct concerted campaign questioning the justification of awarding damages to Roma pupils for decade-long segregation

Denial of tort compensation for unjustified loss of a social service

The president of the new Spanish government (January 2020) announces in the Parliament legal projects in the field of equal treatment and non-discrimination

New action plan to implement the National Strategy for People with Disabilities

Publication date: 21 January 2020. Topics

The Spanish Constitutional Court 91/2019, applies in a judgement of 3 July 2019, the ruling issued by the CJEU in the Villar Laiz case but limits its application only to future matters

Publication date: 21 January 2020. Topics

The Supreme Court of Spain has ruled in favour of an affirmative action by a university to grant senior professor positions to departments that have a lower percentage of women in these positions

Publication date: 21 January 2020. Topics

Refusal to admit mother wearing the Islamic veil for activities in class

Systemic racial discrimination in employment against undocumented foreign workers on a construction site

The bill contains the necessary legislative adjustments due to the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 on barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public authorities

New government action plan for persons with disabilities is now made public

Publication date: 15 January 2020. Topics

Disability discrimination of pupils with dyslexia by schools (local governments)

Publication date: 6 January 2020. Topics

Age discrimination by a private association challenged before a civil court

Publication date: 4 December 2019. Topics

Discrimination on the ground of religion (Islamic Headscarf)

Reasonable accommodation at a municipal job centre

Publication date: 4 December 2019. Topics

The rights of Norwegian residents to export three types of social benefits i.e. sickness benefit, work assessment allowance and care allowance to other EEA countries has been wrongfully applied in Norway since 2012, when the Regulation 883/2004 was implemented into Norwegian law, possibly since the entry into the EEC agreement in 1994

The Constitutional Court has established that children with sufficient maturity and who are in a stable situation of transsexuality can request their change of sex and name in the civil registry. 

Publication date: 29 October 2019. Topics

Decision on the legality of a decision of local transport authorities to refuse access to special tariffs for the underprivileged to foreigners who do not hold residence permits

Unia will not remain the Inter-federal Centre for Equal Opportunities in the years to come

School principal asks a student to remove her headscarf or go home, causing an uproar in the community

Publication date: 22 October 2019. Topics

Gender Pay Gap

Publication date: 22 October 2019. Topics

National Action Plan for preventing intimate partner violence

Publication date: 22 October 2019. Topics

National Action Plan for preventing intimate partner violence

Publication date: 22 October 2019. Topics

Whether damages are payable to individual victims of educational segregation to compensate for the disadvantages they suffered as a result of the segregation

Ombudsman for the elderly for all sectors of society

Publication date: 3 October 2019. Topics

Network of CSOs working on discrimination published a comprehensive report on the work of the equality body since it was founded

Transitional provisions between old and new law left the country without an equality body in operation

Monitoring of discrimination cases concerning public and private sector on behalf of the competent Equality Body

Enforcement of the right to property and the applicability of the Article 8 proportionality assessment in case of illegal occupation of land by Roma

Is the fact that the law provides that there is no difference in the lump sum damages for direct and indirect discrimination, constitutional?

The transfer of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Labour undermines the implementation of substantive gender equality legislation and policies

Publication date: 28 August 2019. Topics

Promotion of equal opportunities, of conciliation between private and working life - tackling gender discrimination and gender violence in the Civil Service

Sexual harassment, employer’s duties to report on equality matters, strengthening of the Ombud’s authority to give guidance in cases on discrimination

Publication date: 7 August 2019. Topics

New provisions of the Penal Code on domestic violence

Publication date: 7 August 2019. Topics

Policy of University Eindhoven to appoint more women in academic positions

Publication date: 7 August 2019. Topics

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