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Legal developments

Whether the fact that no accessible online cash registers are available in the Hungarian market is a violation of the rights of those blind or visually impaired persons who would be required to use them in relation to the services or goods they offer

Date: 10 January 2018. Topics

Checking only a Roma passenger’s train ticket on the railroad platform amounts to discrimination

Dental clinic following guidelines from National Health and Welfare Board needing to defend their actions in an indirect discrimination proportionality test

The new Ombudsman rejects complaints for racial discrimination

Whether a psychosocial impairment constituted a disability

Assessing the risk of discrimination in access to housing of young people throughout the national territory in combination with multiple factors

Criminal Liability of Social Housing corporations’ collegial commissions of attribution

Whether the request of a client that an IT engineer intervening on site dress in a neutral manner and remove an Islamic veil can be held to be a genuine and determining occupational requirement

Scope of indemnification of the annulment of a dismissal based on discrimination on the ground of age

Date: 10 January 2018. Topics

A medical diagnosis is not necessary to establish that an employee has a disability at the time of dismissal

Date: 20 December 2017. Topics

The extent of the employer’s obligation to provide reduced working hours as a reasonable accommodation

Date: 20 December 2017. Topics

New legislation concerning Harassment / changes in the Labour Code and in the General Legislation for Civil Servants and Public Employees

Compatibility of the eligibility condition of prior residence in the Republic-controlled areas of Cyprus for access to welfare with the principles of non-discrimination and the best interests of the child

Whether a provision in the pensions law which provides for lower amounts to be paid to persons retiring at 61, compared to persons retiring at 63 falls within the scope of Directive 2000/78 and whether it can be justified by a legitimate aim

Whether it is possible to order effective measures to combat school segregation, such as the effective closing down of a segregated school

The Expert Commission for the assessment of the 2007 Anti-discrimination Federal Acts delivered its first annual report

Date: 8 November 2017. Topics

The Belgian Court of Cassation rendered its judgment in the Achbita case following the ruling of the Court of Justice concerning the ban of wearing religious symbols at work

Maximum age as an occupational requirement not discriminatory according to the Belgian Council of State

Date: 1 November 2017. Topics

Legislative Bill voted by the Brussels Parliament allowing new methods for labour inspectors to struggle against discrimination on the job market  

Court found violation of prohibition of discrimination and victimisation for dismissing an employee with disability

Date: 30 October 2017. Topics

Specification of the implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Ex officio investigation started following testing recording becomes viral

Discrimination in the field of social protection against legal resident third-country workers, who pay the same contributions to insurance agencies as Greek citizens

The Ombudsman finds that the policy of excluding foreign spouses of Cypriots from welfare entitlement as dependents of the applicant was unlawful

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