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Legal developments

For the first time, provision of a gender quota of a minimum of 1/3 of the total of the members of the administrative councils of athletic unions

Publication date: 4 November 2020. Topics

Report of the National Institute for Rehabilitation describing that complaints concerning disability discrimination increased 30 % compared to the previous year

Publication date: 14 October 2020. Topics

Legality of the decree reserving compensation for spoliation during occupation of France by the Nazi regime to persons of Jewish origin and excluding victims of Traveller and Roma origin

Conciliation measures and promotion of gender equality for working mothers

Dismissal and level of compensation

Publication date: 30 September 2020. Topics

Minister of Education, Science and Culture files suit against the victim of discrimination in an attempt to invalidate ruling

Publication date: 30 September 2020. Topics

Gender Equality Complaints Committee ruled that the Minister of Culture had violated the Gender Equality Act when appointing the Permanent Secretary

Publication date: 30 September 2020. Topics

For the first time, a gender quota of a minimum of 25 % of the total of the members of the Administrative Council of limited liability companies (S.A.) listed in Greece

Publication date: 30 September 2020. Topics

Reconciliation of professional life with family and/or private life through the provision of a financial aid to parents

Moral harassment defined in an amendment to the Anti-discrimination Law and sanctions established for this deed with the NCCD and the courts having an additional mandate

Definitions of direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, discrimination by association, victimisation, order to discriminate and genuine occupational requirement

Discrimination against gay and lesbian foster parents due to the religion and belief of the adoption agency

Whether Hungary’s new law that prevents courts from imposing pecuniary compensation for fundamental rights violations in education are in compliance with the EU acquis

Bill on legal capacity of people with disabilities

Publication date: 12 August 2020. Topics

Measures to counteract domestic violence during the corona crisis

COVID-19 measures with an impact on gender equality

Publication date: 4 August 2020. Topics

Problems with access to an abortion during the corona crisis

The effects of COVID-19 on gender equality

Publication date: 29 July 2020. Topics

Annual Report of the Ombudsperson for Gender Equality for 2019 submitted for approval to the Croatian Parliament

Pregnancy and family related leaves (including accommodation of working hours) due to COVID-19

Separate sleeping rooms and sanitary facilities for women

Constitutionality of the ban of political, philosophical or religious symbols in a school of higher education in order to create a neutral environment

Cancelling of public conference by local public center due to the presence among the speakers of a trans activist

Following NCCD decision against the Ministry of Education, a procedure was adopted to ensure adaptation of the national evaluation exams for pupils with disabilities and SEN

Publication date: 21 July 2020. Topics

In the context of a methodology issued by the Ministry of Education to ensure special places for Roma children to access high school and university, the NCCD analysed the duty to adopt similar measures in relation to children with special educational needs

Publication date: 21 July 2020. Topics

Protection of victims of violence against women during and after state of emergency

In order to address financial barriers that victims of domestic violence may face and which may be a reason for not pursuing their case in court, the Government will offer a legal aid service by specially trained lawyers who will be engaged for this purpose

Publication date: 21 July 2020. Topics

Working groups have been nominated to prepare amendments to the Sickness Insurance Act provisions on family related social security, which will impact the Employment Contracts Act

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