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Legal developments

Whether the exclusion of persons with a severe speech impairment from eligibility for disability allowance is compatible with the principle of non-discrimination as stipulated by Hungary’s Fundamental Law

Whether the Hungarian Ombudsman is sufficiently independent to fulfil the role required by Article 33 of the CRPD

Public annual report on the activity of the Defender of Rights for the year 2022

Requiring applicants to be less than 38 years old to join regional and local police forces is not a form of age discrimination

The district court considered it discrimination on ground of ethnic origin when the employment contracts of two Roma women were terminated because they used the traditional Roma skirt in their work as hairdressers. The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman assisted the women in court because of the principal importance of the case.

The Parliament passed the amendments to the Criminal Code for alignment with the Istanbul Convention

In the framework of the first evaluation of Greece by GREVIO, AFEM submitted to GREVIO a shadow report on mandatory shared custody for all children in breach of the Istanbul Convention

Discrepancy between the Maltese and English version of Article 29 of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act transposing Article 2(1)(c) of Directive 2006/54

Registration of transgender father as ‘parent’ in birth certificate child

A new law on equality and rights protection for trans people has been adopted

This flash speaks of proposed legislation that could reintroduce elements other than consent in the definition of sexual aggressions.
The reform proposal was to be voted on at the end of April 2023. It is not a proposal any longer and has entered into force.

The individual dismissal of a 58-year-old worker who was replaced by a younger worker is found discriminatory

Publication date: 24 May 2023. Topics

Access to personal data relating to comparative evidence in application of the protection of personal data by the GDPR

Impact of mental illness on disciplinary sanctions in the public service

A company-union agreement providing for different severance payments for workers depending on their age is found not discriminatory

Publication date: 24 May 2023. Topics

School bullying and intra-school violence as forms of violation of the principle of equal treatment – Lack of a gender-based violence and intersectionality approach

Åland, the autonomous province of Finland has approved a reform on the anti-discrimination legislation

Gender equality within the draft Crosscutting Strategy for Decentralization and Local Governance 2023-2030

Publication date: 10 May 2023. Topics

Steady decrease of the gender pay gap

Publication date: 10 May 2023. Topics

A survivor’s pension granted to unmarried daughters of deceased civil servants under more favourable conditions than those provided for unmarried sons within an occupational social security scheme.

Despite its extension from 6 to 9 months, the ‘special leave for maternity protection’ is still in breach of Directives 2006/54 and 2019/1158 to the extent that is not accorded to fathers as holders of the right although it should be considered as parental leave.

Women under the age of 30 who bear or adopt children are entitled to personal income tax

Women under the age of 30 who give birth or adopt a child during their studies or not later than two years after graduation are entitled to student loan forgiveness

Strengthening the protection of persons with disabilities against discrimination and improvement of conditions of accessibility for persons with disabilities in all the country's courthouses

Registered partnership must be registered in the population register on the same basis as marriage

Despite the introduction of innovative administrative fines for breaches of the prohibition of violence and harassment at work, Act 4808/2021, ratifying ILO 190, still falls behind its scope

First Federal Racism Report with the title Racism in Germany: Starting Point, Fields of Action, Measures

Equal pay certification system has not changed the gender pay gap

New provisions on violence and harassment in the public sector in breach of the non-regression principle

‘Gendering’, the use of gender gap and gender sensitive languages and the application of Constitutional law and the General Equal Treatment Act (briefly state)

Publication date: 22 March 2023. Topics

New provision on adoptive leave sets the time of the payment of the allowance in consistency with the time of entitlement to the adoptive leave, albeit with no retroactive effect

Female candidates’ low position in the lists

Publication date: 1 March 2023. Topics

Gender equality ignored by the conservatives

Publication date: 27 February 2023. Topics

Constitutional non-discrimination provision amended

Governmental inter-ministerial programme to fight racism, antisemitism and discrimination on the ground of origin

Publication date: 21 February 2023. Topics

Report of the Disability and Human Rights Observatory - complaints concerning disability or aggravated health risk discrimination increased 16.8 % in 2021 compared to 2020

Publication date: 14 February 2023. Topics

Direct discrimination due to age in the call for expression of interest for the recruitment of an administrative officer

Publication date: 14 February 2023. Topics

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