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European Equality Law Network

European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination

Legal developments

Are gender critical beliefs protected under the Equality Act 2010?

National study on the needs of LGBTI people and on discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sexual characteristics

Conciliation measures and promotion of gender equality for working mothers

Conversion therapies prohibited only against LGBTQ+ minors and persons under judicial support whereas still allowed against LGBTQ+ adults on the basis of prior explicit consent

Spain ratifies ILO Convention No 189 concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers

Paternity leave, parental leave for both employees and self-employed, time off for caregiver, smart working as a conciliation measure

Report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women and men and consequences on gender equality

Ministry of Justice’s working group proposal to strengthen access to justice in the Non Discrimination Act published

When the burden of proof was transposed into Norwegian law, its content and application were not thoroughly assessed in the preparatory works. This has led to a systematic misinterpretation of it for decades

Annual report of the national equality body for 2021

Registration as a non-binary person

First baseline evaluation report on implementation of the Istanbul Convention submitted by the Government, along with shadow reports by several women NGOs

The application of constitutional reform on gender quotas in Parliament leading to a gender corrective mechanism

Publication date: 1 June 2022. Topics

Annual reports providing statistics on discrimination cases reported and findings of discrimination

An administrative fine of EUR 50 000 imposed by the National Council for Radio and Television to a TV channel for gender discrimination and stereotyping

Publication date: 4 May 2022. Topics

The Council of State found requirements for the grant of a right to parental leave for newly appointed schoolteachers to be in breach of Directive’s 2010/18/EU prohibition of length of service qualifications exceeding the one year limit

New provisions of the Penal Code on rape, sexual harassment, human trafficking and sexual exploitation of the prostitution of others

The High Court of Justice of Andalusia has found that the failure of a company to reduce the salary of a worker close to the age of retirement does not constitute discrimination on grounds of age

Publication date: 26 April 2022. Topics

Extension of the scope of protection against discrimination in the field of supply of and access to goods and services

The provision of the Law on Employment restricted older people from volunteering

Publication date: 20 April 2022. Topics

During the COVID-19 control process, a trans person’s statement of their gender identity should be accepted regardless of the fact that their documents have not been submitted in the process of legal recognition of gender identity

Publication date: 13 April 2022. Topics

Discrimination in the field of Employment against LGBT+ people who entered or had entered in a civil union

The Supreme Court has annulled the age limits imposed on non-commissioned officers who, by promotion, wish to join the officer ranks of the General Corps and the Marine Corps

Publication date: 13 April 2022. Topics

The County Court confirmed that age discrimination took place in a case of a sports referee in the first strategic litigation case in which the Advocate of the Principle of Equality represented a client

Publication date: 13 April 2022. Topics

Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work

Publication date: 6 April 2022. Topics

Decision from the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Tribunal concerning access to goods and services and transgender

The National Strategy on Gender Equality (2021-2030), on the Development of Business and Investments (2021-2027) and on Education (2021-2026); the National Agenda on Children’s Rights (2021-2026) and the National Action Plan of the Strategy on the Control of small and light weapons, ammunition and explosives (2019-2024)

Publication date: 28 March 2022. Topics

Compulsory Paternity Leave – Women’s participation in the labour market – Gender and Domestic Violence

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