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European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination

Legal developments

Reports on activities undertaken in previous years by the two institutions holding competences in relation to equality and non-discrimination

The Commissioner for children’s rights slams the decision of a school to lower the grades of a disabled student who had benefited from facilitation measures so as to be at par with other students who did not benefit from any such measures

In May 2017, the Liechtenstein parliament asked the government to review the criteria and procedures for people with disabilities requesting access to vocational training

A preliminary ruling by the CJEU regarding the meaning of “ethnic origin” in the Race Directive. Requested by the Western High Court of Denmark

Whether a refusal to hire a gardener because he was deaf amounted to disability discrimination

The new Advocate of the Principle of Equality issues its first annual report

Police Roma Registration regarded as discrimination

Time spent on maternity/parental leave or sick leave does not count as time spent in service for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations of resident physicians towards the hospital    

Plans for ratification of the Istanbul Convention in 2017

Government initiative to create a public authority for gender equality

Date: 24 May 2017. Topics

The Supreme Court's judgment of 24 January 2017, has recognized the right to full remuneration for an employee in the medical field, who, due to her pregnancy, could not perform night shifts. In a judgment of 10 January 2017, the Supreme Court recognized the right to receive full remuneration (including bonuses) from the first day of work after maternity leave.

Extension of the scope of the equal treatment principle: addition of grounds and fields; extension of the Ombudsman`s powers; procedural provisions not improved nor incorporated into procedural codes; inadequate transposition of Directive 2014/54/EU

Date: 2 May 2017. Topics

The Spanish Government withdrew subsidies for university education in gender equality and subsidies to small businesses to promote equality between men and women

Application of the rules of proof in a situation when the victim of discrimination is alone 

Whether a municipal decree banning religious clothing and on expressing support for homosexual marriage is constitutional in Hungary

No implicit derogations apply to contracts agreed with workers with disability

The Parliament amended and afterwards adopted the new version (recast) of the Equal Opportunities Act for Women and Men

Date: 24 April 2017. Topics

Amendments to the Penal Code to implement the Istanbul Convention concerning non-consensual sexual acts 

The Federal Court of Justice decided upon damages for loss of earnings due to the inability of the responsible local authority to offer sufficient and appropriate public childcare 

Monitoring of discrimination cases concerning public sector on behalf of the competent Equality Body

Whether the request of a client that an IT engineer intervening on site dress in a neutral manner and remove an Islamic veil can be held to be a genuine and determining occupational requirement 

The main French trade unions have challenged the admissibility of the candidacy to the professional elections of the National Corsican Trade Union because it promotes the ‘corsicanisation’ of hiring in Corsica 

The Ombudsman in her capacity as independent mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the CRPD found that a legislative provision requiring ‘full capacity’ as a precondition for naturalization violates the CRPD

Ireland’s indigenous Travelling community has been recognised by the government as an ethnic minority 

UNAR’s Financing activities and Responsibilities of its Director 

Conference on Equality and the future employment market

Company must accept that a Muslim woman use the hijab in positions of attention to the public

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