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Legal developments

The government has proposed to set up a non-profit organisation which will serve as an institution acting independently and on its own initiative

Air transport carriers obligation to provide access to air transport to disabled persons with reduced mobility and the scope of opposable safety requirements

From January 1, 2016 the Board of Equal Treatment can only deal with complaints from persons with a legal interest in the case 

Date: 3 February 2016. Topics

From January 1, 2016 employers are no longer allowed to decide that an appointment automatically ends when an employee turns 70 years of age

Date: 3 February 2016. Topics

Elimination of discrimination in employment and social protection of same-sex couples and improvement of provisions regarding equal treatment in the area of access to goods and services

Elimination of discrimination in employment and social protection of same-sex couples and improvement of provisions regarding equal treatment in the area of access to goods and services

Discrimination by association. Security guard fired for taking part in the equality parade in his private time 

The Equality Body affirms that the right to equal access to healthcare for Jehovah’s Witnesses may involve the covering of costs for treatment in the private sector where the public sector cannot provide treatment compliant with the patient’s religious beliefs 

Whether age limits are discriminatory in job advertisements even if the some of the applicants are older than the maximum age set in the ad 

Date: 3 February 2016. Topics

Whether the Ministry responsible for education has a role in and responsibility for not acting against segregation, and whether Hungarian courts are willing to order effective measures to combat school segregation 

Discriminatory statements regarding the prohibition to recruit homosexual players in football club made by the person know publicly as owner, discrimination in employment, warning as effective remedy

Recognition of the right to public assisted human reproduction to a couple of women, regardless of their sexual orientation

The Court rejected an application which had sought to challenge the decision to appoint as teachers two persons with disability on the basis of a law setting quotas in employment of persons with disabilities in the public sector

Date: 15 January 2016. Topics

Independence and resources 

The Equality Authority publishes its annual report for 2014, covering the fields of employment and social provision.

The Constitutional Court allowed referendum on amendments to Marriage and Family Relations Act that grant additional employment rights to same-sex couples  

The Cypriot parliament adopts a law regulating civil unions offering state recognition to couples outside marriage and regulating rights of property, alimony, inheritance and succession

The Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention on National Minorities publishes its Fourth Opinion on Cyprus

Supreme Court rules that administrative decisions for appointments in the public service on the basis of quotas in favour of persons with disability cannot disregard medical and expert opinion as to the candidates’ suitability

Date: 3 December 2015. Topics

Joint efforts of the equality body and CSOs result in a protocol for processing discrimination cases on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

Occupational pension scheme and possible age discrimination: pension contributions increasing with age

Date: 3 December 2015. Topics

New proposal for the introduction of one comprehensive anti-discriminatory framework

Access to welfare for persons with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities 

Date: 3 December 2015. Topics

Proposed amendments defining the following concepts: human dignity, tolerance, social group, social defamation, incitement to hatred, and social discrimination. Proposed measures to promote tolerance and combat discrimination in education, continuing professional development of teachers, of civil servants, and awareness raising through media. Proposed new institutional mechanisms for promoting human dignity and tolerance

Duty of taxi companies to ensure means of transportation for persons using wheel chairs which cannot be packed

The OSCE – ODIHR, within BPRI  project, submitted recommendations to the Montenegrin Government regarding the politicisation of Minority Councils, who are in charge of the promotion and development of the rights of minorities and other minority ethnic groups and their members.  

1. Definition of disability

2. Reasonable accommodation

3. Conditions for applying a Danish provision entitling dismissals with a shorter notice period because of sickness related absence 


Gender equality in employment: maternity protection

Rights of persons living in a same-sex registered partnership (Eingetragene Lebensgemeinschaft)

A small firm’s “softened” obligation to establish reasonable accommodation

Protection of motherhood and fatherhood, promotion of reconciliation measures, protection against gender violence

Territorial and substantive competence of equality advisors, composition and functioning of the National Equality Committee, appointment procedures and allocations 

Date: 14 October 2015. Topics

Government of Cyprus signs Istanbul Convention

German legislator introduces a statutory 30 % gender quota for supervisory boards of all private companies that are listed and subject to full co-determination

Date: 14 October 2015. Topics

German legislator introduces a statutory 30 % gender quota for advisory boards, boards of directors, and similar supervisory bodies of bodies within federal control with at least three members 

German legislator extends the entitlements to home care leave and improved its financial support

Still waiting for a draft law to implement the Istanbul Convention concerning non-consensual sexual acts

Date: 14 October 2015. Topics

German legislator improves the flexibility of parental leave and rewards the equal sharing of the leave between parents

German legislator tried to introduce a new concept of ‘gender neutrality’ within the federal civil service

Date: 14 October 2015. Topics

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