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The Constitutional Court allowed referendum on amendments to Marriage and Family Relations Act that grant additional employment rights to same-sex couples  

The Parliament adopts changes to Marriage and Family Relations Act granting access for same-sex spouses to additional employment-related rights.
Local labour office of the Employment Service inaccessible for people with disabilities
Roma community in a village in South-East Slovenia still without access to basic public infrastructure
Rules on technical devices and adapting vehicles of 3 October 2014 are making 2010 Act on Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities operational in practice
Supreme Court overturned the decision of the High Court which confirmed the first instance judgement convicting three for homophobic crime.
The Act implements ECHR decision in Kuri? and others v Slovenia in which the European Court ordered Slovenia to set up a compensation scheme for damages suffered by erased persons
With the newly adopted Pension and Disability Insurance Act the right to survivor’s pension was recognized to registered same-sex partners under equal conditions as it is recognized to married opposite-sex couples.
With the decision of the Constitutional Court co-habiting (unregistered) same-sex partners receive the right to statutory inheritance.
The pilot judgment Kuri? and others v. Slovenia, with which ECHR ordered Slovenia to set up a compensation scheme for damages suffered by erased persons, was not implemented by the deadline set by the Court.
The State Election Commission did not provide information on all possible voting methods for persons with disabilities.
Date: 10 October 2013. Topics
The act defines more clearly the manner for defining the amount of compensation for non-pecuniary damages in cases of discrimination.
Burden of proof is shared between the parties to the procedure
With arbitrary deprivation of legal status of erased people and failure to remedy the situation Slovenia violated the convention rights
At a public referendum held on 25 March 2012, the majority of voters rejected the Family Code which would have introduced equal rights to same-sex couples, except marriage and joint adoption
The Government Office for Equal Opportunities was closed down and its staff, including the Advocate of the Principle of Equality, transferred to the Ministry of Labour, family and Social Affairs
The Ministry of labour, Family and Social Affairs approves the first second-parent adoption in a lesbian family on the basis of the 35-year old legislation in the field of family relations.
Higher court confirms first instance judgment convicting three for homophobic crime.
The 2011 Aliens Act recognizes registered (including same-sex) partners of EU nationals and third-country nationals as family members for the purpose of family reunification.
The policy of an insurance company that refuses to provide accident insurance to persons suffering from depression, anxiety or intellectual disability constitutes discrimination, finds the Advocate of the Principle of Equality.

Within the 2010 Progress Project the Advocate set up and launched a first multi-language comprehensive web-site on anti-discrimination legislation and issues.

The Advocate of the Principle of Equality issued its 2010 Annual Report, underlying deficiencies in legal protection from discrimination in Slovenia.

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