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The Law reinstating the prior retirement age scheme of 65 for men and 60 for women, adopted by the lower chamber of the Parliament

The new benefit for mothers of disabled children who resigned of abortion, as an excuse for introduction later on of the further restriction of abortion law 

Country report Gender equality: How are EU rules transposed into national law?

Date: 20 December 2016. Topics

State of affairs 01 January 2016

Date: 24 November 2016. Topics

Limitation of the scope of general prohibition to employ women for works particularly burdensome and detrimental for their health, to the pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Date: 21 September 2016. Topics

New family benefit law discriminatory for families with one child, in particular single mothers 

Date: 21 March 2016. Topics

New Government appointed new Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment changing its mandate; problems with the budget of the Ombud – Polish Equality Body during the parliamentary procedure 

Labour law protection of pregnant women against dismissal does not apply to religion teachers if the bishop decides so  

Discrimination by association. Security guard fired for taking part in the equality parade in his private time 

On September 22nd, after public consultations and selection from the long list of proposals, Ombud has announced 6 anti-discrimination research topics for the years 2016-2017

For the first time Ombud appoints a deputy responsible only for equality issues

Extension of the entitlement of fathers to child birth related leaves; In the case of self-employed persons changing  the the prerequisites to receive chid related benefits

State of affairs 01 January 2014

Date: 23 November 2014. Topics
A medical statement on total incapacity for work or incapacity for self-care issued after a given person has been elected to hold the office of the mayor of a village/town/city is consistent with the Constitution
The assumption that HIV carriers, or persons suffering from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or chronic hepatitis, are incapable of service with the police or the National Fire Service, regardless of their position and state of health, is inconsistent with the Constitution. other – health condition/illness (disability)
Date: 14 February 2014. Topics
Polish Council of Ministers adopted first National Program of Activities for Equal Treatment (for the years 2013-2016) prepared by the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment
Date: 17 January 2014. Topics
Three draft laws, all three different but all three aiming at legislating civil union (including union of same sex partners) were rejected by the Polish Parliament in “first reading” and therefore will not be further proceeded
Ratification of the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Date: 20 December 2012. Topics
New law on equal treatment – ‘Act on the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the European Union in the Field of Equal Treatment’ – that entered into force on January 1st, 2011 designates Ombud institution (Commissioner for Civil Rights) as an equality body. However Ombud was not given adequate competences by law and lack resources to fulfil existing competences.
The UN Human Rights Committee reviewed the 6th periodic report on Poland and adopted its Concluding Observations on 26 October 2010, including a number of recommendations regarding counteracting discrimination.
Date: 11 February 2011. Topics
The Sejm - lower house of Parliament -, enacted a new ‘Act on the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the European Union in the Field of Equal Treatment’. It may finally lead to the full implementation of the Directives 2000/43 and 2000/78. However it also raises a number of concerns especially expressed by the civil society. The adoption procedure is not yet finished and the Act will now be debated by the Senate (higher house of the Parliament).

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