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European Equality Law Network

European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination

The Netherlands

Statistics on the gender pay gap 

Date: 9 January 2017. Topics

Decision by the Commission on the Code for Commercials on the discriminatory nature of the Suit Supply commercials 

Date: 9 January 2017. Topics

Country report Gender equality: How are EU rules transposed into national law?

Date: 18 November 2016. Topics

A report of the Netherlands’ Ombudsman for Children of 30 September 2016 in response to complaints regarding the discriminatory and stereotypical features of Black Pete

State of affairs 01 January 2016

Date: 19 October 2016. Topics

Dutch parliament passes bill extending the scope of the Disability Discrimination Act to the area of goods and services

Judgment by the Dutch Supreme Court on the reduction of the survivor’s pension of widows of a partner more than ten years older 

CERD recommends to eliminate those features of Black Pete which reflect negative stereotypes 

Municipal policy passively reducing the number of trailer parks to zero is discriminatory on the ground of race

Changing the provisions on reconciliation of work and family life

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