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Legislative proposal implementing Istanbul Convention 

Date: 1 February 2017. Topics

State of affairs 01 January 2016

Date: 22 November 2016. Topics

Country report Gender equality: How are EU rules transposed into national law?

Date: 18 November 2016. Topics

On 14 March, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) published Concluding Observations on reports of Latvia. The observations pay special attention to children with disabilities, children belonging to minorities, including Roma children, children in rural areas, LGBTI children 

Delay on accession to Istanbul Convention and other policy developments restricting women’s rights 

Conditions for the access to occupational social security pensions; periods spent on pregnancy, maternity and child-care leaves

Amendments to the concept of discrimination in the field of social security with regard to pregnancy/maternity discrimination

Attempts to ban homosexual propaganda by amending Children’s Rights Protection Law through referendum fail

State of affairs 01 January 2014

Date: 20 November 2014. Topics
UN HRC reviewed Latvia’s 3rd periodic report and issued recommendations concerning Latvia’s compliance with the UN ICCPR
Date: 27 June 2014. Topics
Attempts to ban homosexual propaganda by amending Children’s Rights Protection Law through referendum
Latvia Ratifies Revised European Social Charter, But Not Additional Protocol
New Law Prohibiting Discrimination in Access to Self Employment Adopted to Replace an Earlier law
Voluntary ethnicity entry to be re-introduced in passports in Latvia following brief period of absence of ethnicity entry in passports
Prohibition to indicate foreign language proficiency requirement in job advertisements
Prohibition of discrimination in active employment measures and prevention of unemployment

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