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The Ombudsman in her capacity as independent mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the CRPD found that a legislative provision requiring ‘full capacity’ as a precondition for naturalization violates the CRPD

The employer is found to be liable for discrimination by failing to impose satisfactory disciplinary measures against an employee who had posted discriminatory comments on Facebook against the complainant.

Date: 18 January 2017. Topics

The equality body rules that age discrimination exists even if this was to be applied only as last resort where candidates scored equally on other criteria

Date: 21 December 2016. Topics

The equality body finds the employer guilty of discrimination for failing to take disciplinary measures against an employee who was posting on Facebook negative comments against another employee

Country report Gender equality: How are EU rules transposed into national law?

Date: 5 December 2016. Topics

State of affairs 01 January 2016

Date: 22 November 2016. Topics

The Equality Body rules that the application of the majoritarian logic over the treatment of a numerically smaller group inevitably results in indirect discrimination

The equality body applies the Racial Equality Directive to labour market restrictions affecting third country nationals and gives a wide interpretation to the term ‘racial or ethnic origin’  

The Court accepted an application from a disabled claimant aged 65+ for the judicial review of an administrative decision which rejected his application for a disability benefit on account of an age restriction contained in the grant scheme

Law pertaining to civil partnerships passed by the Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus

Date: 14 March 2016. Topics

The Anti-discrimination Authority publishes its annual report for 2014 

Date: 29 February 2016. Topics

The Equality Body affirms that the right to equal access to healthcare for Jehovah’s Witnesses may involve the covering of costs for treatment in the private sector where the public sector cannot provide treatment compliant with the patient’s religious beliefs 

The Court rejected an application which had sought to challenge the decision to appoint as teachers two persons with disability on the basis of a law setting quotas in employment of persons with disabilities in the public sector

Date: 15 January 2016. Topics

The Equality Authority publishes its annual report for 2014, covering the fields of employment and social provision.

The Cypriot parliament adopts a law regulating civil unions offering state recognition to couples outside marriage and regulating rights of property, alimony, inheritance and succession

The Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention on National Minorities publishes its Fourth Opinion on Cyprus

Supreme Court rules that administrative decisions for appointments in the public service on the basis of quotas in favour of persons with disability cannot disregard medical and expert opinion as to the candidates’ suitability

Date: 3 December 2015. Topics

Access to welfare for persons with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities 

Date: 3 December 2015. Topics

Government of Cyprus signs Istanbul Convention

Persons with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities are required to waive their legal capacity in order to claim welfare benefits

Date: 27 July 2015. Topics
The Supreme Court rejects an appeal against a trial court decision which had found that age seniority as a criterion for promotion amounts to discrimination
Date: 5 June 2015. Topics

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