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Government of Cyprus signs Istanbul Convention

Persons with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities are required to waive their legal capacity in order to claim welfare benefits

Date: 27 July 2015. Topics
The Supreme Court rejects an appeal against a trial court decision which had found that age seniority as a criterion for promotion amounts to discrimination
Date: 5 June 2015. Topics
The Ombudsman locates discrimination in the procedure followed by the Social Services regarding the adoption of children by persons with disabilities
The Equality Body criticizes the authorities for failing to prosecute racial discrimination in sports.
The Anti-discrimination Authority, which is the body within the Equality Body dealing with discrimination in all fields beyond employment, has issued its Annual Report for 2013.
Date: 6 March 2015. Topics
The Supreme Court clarifies the procedure for amending laws containing discriminatory provisions and sets aside a decision of the administration which relied on an opinion of the Attorney General
Date: 6 March 2015. Topics
The Equality Authority, which is the body within the Equality Body dealing with employment discrimination, has issued its Annual Report for 2013.
Date: 17 February 2015. Topics
The Supreme Court rejects an application for the judicial review of the decision to hire a person with disability in the public service.
Date: 17 February 2015. Topics
Turkish Cypriots seeking to marry in the Republic-controlled area are required to present a certificate that the immigration authorities denies to the majority of them.

The Supreme Court rejects an application for a mandamus order seeking to enforce an Equality Body recommendation against the English School governing board for failure to respect the Muslim religious holidays.

Date: 20 January 2015. Topics
Turkish Cypriots were prevented from voting at the elections for members of the European Parliament on bureaucratic grounds
The law on disability discrimination is amended to extend the duty to provide reasonable accommodation to fields beyond employment.
The Ombudsman criticises the denial of the right to change employer in spite of serious contract violations by the employer; and the dismissal and deportation of a female carer, on the allegation that she was suffering from a contagious disease.
The Equality Body extends the scope of the law transposing the Anti-discrimination Directives to include EU citizens and third country nationals married to Cypriots.
The Supreme Court found that the government was justified in not hiring a person with a disability for the needs of the Cypriot Presidency of the EU, on the ground that the job was very demanding and there was little opportunity for training, guidance or supervision.
The Equality Authority, being one of the two bodies comprising the Equality Body and specialising in the employment field, publishes its annual report for the year 2012.
Date: 20 November 2013. Topics
The Equality Body, in collaboration with one of the largest bus companies, issues guidelines encouraging non-discriminatory and non-racist treatment of foreign passengers by bus drivers.
The European Commission launches infringement proceedings against Cyprus for age discrimination in the entitlement to work-related benefits by former Cypriot civil servants working in other Member States
Date: 20 November 2013. Topics
The report of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination locates a series of problems and gaps in the legislative framework and in its implementation
The Equality Body finds age discrimination in the policy of a spa centre to hire only young women as receptionists.
Date: 8 November 2013. Topics
NHRI report finds massive institutional discrimination against female migrant domestic workers
The ECtHR ruled against Cyprus for its failure to provide an effective remedy to an asylum seeker detained for the purpose of deportation, since the judicial process did not have an automatic suspensive effect to suspend his detention and deportation pending trial, as required under Article 13 of the ECHR.

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