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Country report Gender equality: How are EU rules transposed into national law?

Date: 23 January 2017. Topics

Dismissal of employee because of her deciding to wear a Niqab in office of notary covered by exception for genuine and determining occupational requirements

State of affairs 01 January 2016

Date: 22 November 2016. Topics

Equal treatment in systems of social security, and equal actuarial factors for men and women

State of affairs 01 January 2014

Date: 17 October 2014. Topics
Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities sits over Austria’s initial report - recommendations
Date: 21 January 2014. Topics
When an enterprise has to make employees redundant can it dismiss older employees first?
Specialized NGO – with explicit legal standing in courts – was under threat of administrative criminal conviction
Reasonable accommodation - newly established governmental services in old premises do not have to consider issues of accessibility, as long as no new obstacles were built
Specialized NGO, with an explicit legal standing in courts, is under threat of administrative criminal conviction
Despite prior negotiations the Council of Ministers will not deal with a planned leveling up proposal
Two contradicting judgments from the same court regarding compensation for discrimination
Legal amendment to the Viennese Anti-Discrimination Act
Date: 11 February 2011. Topics
Young man of Egyptian origin successfully claims compensation for immaterial damages for not being allowed to enter a discotheque in two cases – more cases are pending

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